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Special Post: Bilirubin the Cat

August 17, 2013


EXTRA EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT Seen Better Days Sadly my solitary days are coming to an end, I have to move into a smaller, shared room arrangement. My life is changing a lot, and as well as needing to juggle my work and crafting space in a shared room, I cannot keep my cat […]

Custom Order: headbands

May 23, 2013


Three headbands were ordered by a mother for her and her two little girls to wear together. Of course, pink was in order and pink it was. One flower headband – 5jds

A World of Felt: flower hair clips

April 3, 2013


I’ve gone on and on about my love of felt before, but I continue to be enthralled by the possibilities of this tightly woven, versatile material. The latest craft made by Blessed Tree is felt hair clips for girls and women to wear on occasions like weddings, parties or to the park and on a daily basis. […]

Sandal Hanging Pin Cushions

February 8, 2013


The Sandal Pin Cushion is made of felt – we love felt for its versatility and warm, textured feel. We chose this material over any other because of its thick, woven nature – it won’t bear holes from the pins and will retain its shape without fraying at the edges. It is also entirely handmade, from cutting, […]

New Nursing Pillows

February 6, 2013


There are a few new products coming up this month, and this is the first of them: nursing pillows! Many new mothers spend hours breastfeeding every day, which means sitting in awkward positions. Often you are hunched forward, arms supporting the baby’s head, limbs and body weight while trying to keep various pillows and cushions […]

What is an Essential Oil?

January 27, 2013


Blessed Tree is stocking essential oils soon so I wanted to publish some information for your benefit. I’ll be posting short pieces on what they are, what they are used for, some of their properties, how to discern synthetic from genuine essential oils, how to use them, grades, and where to buy them. This first […]

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

January 16, 2013


To be honest, some of my products have milk powder in them and not everyone wants to consume that on a regular basis or ever.  I understand and appreciate that. I’d like to give you the chance to ensure that the product that you purchase, is the one that you love. I envision making this […]