DIY Garden Revamp

Posted on May 8, 2013


The area in front of mine and my neighbour’s doors has been quite dreadful for the last two years — the soil being clay, was reddish with rocks in it and because it was empty it was being used as a dump for tools, branches, cigarette butts, rocks, pegs, and cat droppings. Many cat droppings.

It was also where I buried dead kittens.

(You can see in the below pictures my work half done. I had placed all the flowers and pots in different places as a dress rehearsal.  When I was happy with them, I began planting.  Erm, I forgot to take real ‘before’ pictures.)

blessed tree -before1

Finally having had enough, I decided to revamp it on a low budget. I didn’t want anything high maintenance and knew that many herbs wouldn’t do well because the area only gets a few rays of sun during the day. Plus, I wanted to see vibrant splashes of colour and appreciate my life, every single morning. : )


It took about four hours of digging and planting in a single afternoon. I removed the top layer of soil and dumped it in the back garden, sifted through the remaining soil and added a layer of potting mix. The trick to keeping it cheap is buying seasonal flowers rather than trees, climbing plants or rose bushes.

This cost aprox. 25jds, which was spent on:

*1 bag of 100L potting soil – 9jds

*Many flowers and plants – 14jds.

*Terrorising little children away from picking the flowers: priceless.

Although, I forgot to take picture of it when it was hideous, it features in some of my jar photos from last year if you really want to appreciating my hard work.

Some recent events have taught me that beauty can be made of the most ugly surroundings, even when you have lost hope in them. On a budget. Also, that a bit of change of view and fixing up one’s attitude does wonders.

As it turns out, it’s all inside of you.


Hushhh, the sunflowers are sleeping.

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