New Nursing Pillows

Posted on February 6, 2013


There are a few new products coming up this month, and this is the first of them: nursing pillows!

Many new mothers spend hours breastfeeding every day, which means sitting in awkward positions. Often you are hunched forward, arms supporting the baby’s head, limbs and body weight while trying to keep various pillows and cushions in your lap that keep shifting and aren’t the right size or thickness. Nursing pillows are designed to allow the baby to lie in a comfortable position while reducing the strain on your arms, shoulders, upper, mid and lower back.

Adjustable velcro. Can be medium thickness or hard.

Adjustable velcro. Can be medium softness or hard.

Some benefits to using a nursing pillow are:

  • increased comfort,
  • reduced back pain,
  • healthier posture,
  • less pressure on lower abdomen for c-section births and,
  • faster latching.

Blessed Tree’s new nursing pillow has the following features and benefits:

  • A removable cover for washing.
  • Adjustable velcro to wrap around your unique body size and shape.
  • Convenient side pocket for a towel, tissues etc.
  • Easily adjustable, it doesn’t shift around.
  • Two thickness levels – medium and hard.
  • Adjustable for football hold.
  • Sits at the right hight for easy latching.
  • Relieves  pressure from the lower abdomen for c-section births.
Side pocket, which will be larger in the next batch.

Side pocket, which will be larger in the next batch.

This nursing pillow also comes in different colours, as pictured below, so you can choose either a medium or hard pillow and the colours that you like.  It’s so affordable you can buy multiples for expecting mothers and yourself. Once you’re done with it, it can be used as an ordinary pillow for rounded neck support. Extra pillow cases available.

Available colours (pictured below):

  • white and grey swirls on black.
  • black and grey swirls on white.
  • white and pink swirls on maroon.
  • pink and maroon swirls on white.
  • brown swirls on cream (pictured above).

Price: 20jds.

To place an order, please email or sms 962776716563. Please give a maximum of a week for manufacturing time. Please subscribe to this blog to get automatic updates whenever a new product is released or your input is required. : )

Four colours plus original cream/brown in picture.

Four colours plus cream/brown in original picture.

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