What is an Essential Oil?

Posted on January 27, 2013


Blessed Tree is stocking essential oils soon so I wanted to publish some information for your benefit. I’ll be posting short pieces on what they are, what they are used for, some of their properties, how to discern synthetic from genuine essential oils, how to use them, grades, and where to buy them.

This first short piece will cover: What is an Essential Oil?

An essential oil is a highly concentrated volatile oil containing an ‘essence’ or perfume derived from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark or roots of a fruit, vegetable, tree, flower or herb. These oils are extracted trough steam distillation, extraction or expression. Essentials oils are commonly used in natural cosmetics, bath products, perfume, traditional medicines, massage therapy and aromatherapy.

Around the home, they can be burnt in an incense burner using a candle, a reed diffuser or an electric burner to enhance or affect moods (anti-depressant), reduce stress and increase energy (stimulant) or cause relaxation by sniffing or diluting with carrier oils and applying to the skin. Another added effect is the fresh and clean smell they’ll leave in your home. They can also be mixed with vinegar, baking soda and other natural ingredients to make green, environment friendly cleaning products, because of their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Check out this DIY on how to make your own chemical free, super effective cleaning products using just essential oil, vinegar and water.

This here is a list of essential oils like lavender, geranium, lemon grass and clove. This wiki is very useful because it also explains their effects. You may also visit this website for some official info.

Meanwhile, stay away from synthetic (fake) essential oils; they may cause allergic responses and even cancer.

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