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Posted on January 16, 2013


To be honest, some of my products have milk powder in them and not everyone wants to consume that on a regular basis or ever.  I understand and appreciate that. I’d like to give you the chance to ensure that the product that you purchase, is the one that you love.
I envision making this a regular drink in many households, because cocoa is healthy and hot cocoa is relaxing, satisfying and a feel good drink for many; I offer all my products in a milk powder free option, at a slightly different price. I like to be flexible, so any ideas or alternative recipes, I am willing to try.

Custom orders are welcome to allow everyone to have access to a product that they are 100% satisfied with and will enjoy regularly on their way to a healthier life style.

This also applies to any ingredient that someone has an intolerance or a dislike to.
Some of my older labels don’t have the ingredients listed, but please do inquire if it’s a point of interest for you and I will be happy to give you a detailed break down.
Here’s a full list of the hot drinks offered at Blessed Tree:
  • Spanish Hot cocoa – 5jds
  • Spanish Hot cocoa (milk powder free) – 7jds
  • Mayan Hot cocoa – 5jds
  • Mayan Hot cocoa (milk powder free) – 7jds
  • Creamy Mocha – 6jds
  • Cream Mocha (milk powder free) – 8jds.
Each jar has an average of 20 to 30 servings in it, each serving being one to two tea spoons.
Note: the milk powder free versions, have a higher concentration level so more servings.
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What do you think about being honest on product labels? Please let me know in the comment sections – your feedback weighs a ton!
Photo not mine.

Photo not mine.

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