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Posted on December 26, 2012


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There are two possible products that can make their début at Blessed Tree, and both inspired by winter. Your vote is invaluable in creating specially tailored products for your needs.

Body/Nursing Pillow:
A pillow shaped like a crescent  that can be used from pregnancy (during sleep like a body pillow, for extra comfort in the last stages) to infancy (for breastfeeding and when baby starts sitting up for safe keeping) to toddler-hood and the end of breastfeeding. This not only supports the baby, but promotes healthy posture and prevents backache. A long term investment.

You can see some examples here, here and here  (soothing vibration not included).

Therapy Heating/Cooling Pad:
This is a pack, similar to a hot water bottle, meant to be microwaved or heated in an electric oven for heat and frozen for cold. It can be used on headaches, joint pain, menstrual cramps, stiff muscles, sinus problems, on eyes, neck or shoulders  after a stressful day, for general pains and therapeutic reasons, or as a cold pack; for falls, bruises or burns. It’s infused with herbs and natural scents for their beneficial healing qualities.

In this, this and this link, you’ll find examples.

Please let me know what you think in the comments – would you buy this? Have you ever bought something similar and was it useful? What else would you recommend?

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