Attachment Bookmarking

Posted on December 23, 2012


Paperclip Bookrmarks

Like attachment parenting, these bookmarks are overly clingy. Bad metaphor  Perhaps. Great title? Absolutely!

Do you have children or cats that pull out and destroy, destroy, destroy? Have you ever zipped your book into your bag only to find your bookmark gone when you need the book back? Do you ever believe that you have the memory of a whale, so don’t bother to bookmark, only to later painfully realise your goldfish-hood? What to do?

Blessed Tree can solve your dilemma. Get a fabulous idea and attach carefully selected, beautifully coloured ribbon, then iron it into whimsically arranged perfection.

What do I mean? Paperclips have long been used to clip papers together. They are reliable. BUT they are also removable. The very definition of a good bookmark.

Blessed Tree brings you three sizes:

Jumbo: $3.5 USD

Medium: $2.5 USD

Small: $1.5 USD

Paperclip Bookrmarks

Bookmarks that stand by their post.

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