Hanging Garden: 2nd generation

Posted on December 17, 2012


Some artists and crafters love everything. Some have passionate affairs with certain things. I am of the latter sort. The last three months have really seen an array of items enter and exist (to new homes) the shop, but what I am really looking for is a niche. Focus.

Macrame provides a niche that works. Knots make happy people. They make interesting homes. Texture provides depth. Colour reflects personalities. Who doesn’t love a beautiful knot? And who doesn’t love watching animate objects come to life?

I’ve been working on different plant hangers. You can see my original ones here. I’ve been taking it up several notches in the last couple of weeks. Rather than straight lines, we’ve been seeing some curves. One colour has morphed into two. Tassels have gotten longer, shorter and even fewer.

Have a look at the gallery below. This is an example of a mini hanging plant garden. Insha Allah, more hanging plants are coming and will fill the shop entirely.

Macrame hangers work really well with custom orders, so if you want something in particular, let me know by writing to k.blessedtree@gmail.com. They range from 8 to 18jds and come with the ceiling extensions – you’ll only need a hook in the ceiling or a window bracket to install them. You can also just email me to inquiry after the price of a specific item.

For those bought locally, delivery and set up is free. : )

The glass vases with plants are called terrariums. These too will be suspended and encased in beautiful knots and colour schemes.

What do you think of these hangers? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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