Hanging Stars

Posted on November 24, 2012


A beautiful home, doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you would be surprised what a bit of colour here and there can do to the character of a room and to a downward mood.

Although not handmade by me, they were probably handmade by someone, these hanging stars are the geometric equivalent of Chinese lanterns.

These stars can be suspended from the ceiling, attached to a light bulb, framed in a window or door way or a few can be used to make a centre piece arrangement in the corner or middle of a room. Very versatile design and easy to assemble. Don’t forget, the moon and star is a symbol of what?

I have about five different designs of these at the shop, and if you go in there on a non-shop day, they are in the display cabinet to the left, at the bottom, in their triangle packaging. You’ll get a peak at the different designs and colours that way too.


To purchase please come into the shop on Wednesday or Sunday from 1230 to Asr or email me on k.blessedtree@gmail.com.

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