New Flavour: creamy mocha

Posted on November 13, 2012


There was once a fine lady, of good nature and mild temperament named Cocoa. Lady Cocoa read, sewed, crocheted, studied the the fine arts and taught young children as all high ladies of nobility and virtue were want to do. She spent her time feeding the pigeons on her windowsill and seeing to the affairs of her father’s household; all considered worthwhile and honourable occupations for a noble woman of her stature.

Although born into an ordinary family and an ordinary household in quite an ordinary town to two very ordinary parents, Cocoa often strayed from her satisfaction in doing wholesome, albeit, ordinary things. Cocoa wanted adventure and heightened emotions. She wanted to feel the wind in her hair, be out in the cold, and be rained upon.

Fast forward many other details and events, we reach the climax of the story – Cocoa meets a sorcerer who promises her all she has ever wanted in exchange for her first-born. This sorcerer, although wise, knew very little about children but had heard that this is what other evil sorcerers asked for, and being an aspiring one himself, thought it would surely be terribly unbecoming of him and would undoubtedly look bad were he not to ask for Cocoa’s first born. Being a shrewd one herself, Cocoa threw her head back and laughed, a high (well, that’s just silly) laugh and agreed. The sorcerer was new at this, so he thought he had made himself a good catch.

To cut a long story short, one of the things Cocoa had wanted was a husband, and she found him, his name was Coffee. Together they had Creamy Mocha and when the sorcerer came to claim him, Cocoa and Coffee said no.

The End.

So this is how we have Creamy Mocha added to Blessed Tree.

A mix of rich, dark cocoa and strong coffee with a hint of spice, this new addition to the menu caters to both chocolate and coffee lovers. It’s creamy and has a depth made even tastier when brewed in milk and sweetened with honey.

And because we appreciate special preferences and dietary specifics, we also offer Creamy Mocha Extra Strength, which is free of milk powder, with a higher ratio of coffee.

Now readily available at Blessed Tree, you can also place a special order by emailing

decorated jar: 6jds, non-decorated: 5jds

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