Hanging Plant Garden

Posted on October 25, 2012


Bringing green to your life, doesn’t have to mean green furniture or curtains, it can be the true green, on wall brackets by the window or suspended from the ceiling on a discreet hook. A touch of green can not only complete a room, but it also brings life and soothes the mind as being outdoors brings one closer to one’s original, natural state and encourages contemplation of Allah, creation and everything in it.

Don’t have a garden, or want to bring one inside? Think different sized hangers and pots, in a ceiling arrangement or a single hanger as a focal point in any room of your house, even the bathroom! What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! We love feedback. : )

Hangers come in two sizes – small at 8jds and large at 10. All hangers come with  pots and plants.

For custom orders or to talk about the possibilities of your own indoor garden, email Khadija at k.blessedtree@gmail.com.

The hangers come in black, brown and red. The wooden beads are a five colour combination right now, but any can be chosen. The hangers featured in the pictures are the large size. The red one on the left side is the size of the small.

The wall brackets can be bought from a hardware store like Ace or Bashiti. You can also put one together (although less fancy), at a normal hardware store. For the ceiling, a hook is about .25q.

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