Chalkboard Paint: storage jars

Posted on October 7, 2012


Chalkboard paint – who knew it wouldn’t be replaced by white boards? Probably no one, but here it is, not on a board but on lids, branching out, expanding its horizons, being flexible, trying new things and living a new life in a rich shade of chocolate brown.

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The jars themselves are hand painted – aboriginal dot art in bright colours with bold bands encircling the jars both combine to create an entirely new genre.

There are two main ways to use these jars – label the lids with chalk and place them in a drawer where the identically sized jars will utalise the more area effectively, saving space and keeping all your spices, beads and other small items in one place. The second is to line them on a shelf and admire the beautiful designs and bring colour and contrast to your space.

Care Instructions: wash gently with the soft side of the sponge under cool running water. Allow to air dry. Do not place in dish washer or scrub. All around gentleness is best.


Here are the beauties:

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