Weights and Counters

Posted on September 26, 2012


A classic use of rocks, other than their main occupation of being hard, heavy and generally rocky, is as paper weights and ornaments. Carefully selected pieces are painted with acrylic paint and then sealed for durability. Each design has a special meaning and value, and each took its own careful share of artistic attention to reach fruition.

The designs on my first batch of weights was inspired by nature. Leaves, blue skies, autumn, and acorns. Yin and Yang.

My second set, was chic and bright, inspired by bright colours, spots and lines.

Another intended use for these pretty little things, are as counters. Hold them in your hand and drop them in sujud or flick them aside while sitting up to keep track of your raka’s, especially when praying multiple prayers. You might also use five of them to count an entire day’s worth of praying. The possibilities are many.

Custom designs and sizes welcome. Please email me for any custom orders or queries on this product at k.blessedtree@gmail.com.

Like what you see? We’d love to hear what you think of using rocks as paper weights and ornaments. Have your tried it before? Please leave us a comment, we love love love hearing from you!

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