Magnetic Pin Plate: Flower

Posted on September 18, 2012


This particular project came through quite a catena of designs. Flowers, aboriginal dot art, a rendering of the colour wheel….  None captured the vintage, antique feel I required. What finally emerged, was a combination of creativity and heart, in the form of a 3D henna flower.

A magnetic pin plate is designed to hold pins, paper clips, or anything metal, and keep it in place through the support of a magnets. This prevents them falling out, getting messy, and being stepped on by little people or nosy kittens. It’s simple beauty is a complement to your other beautiful things.

Sealed with a layer or polyurethane, the vibrant colours will retain their depth. The textured, rough feel of this piece engages not only the eye but also one’s sense of touch. A smile blooms while the sight wanders into the crevasse and chasms of the flower.

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