Lavender Pouches

Posted on September 18, 2012


Herbs; what spectacular creations. Indeed, Allah has bequeathed the earth to the sons of Adam and placed upon it bounties, and secrets, in many things.

Lavender, the colour violet, green fields, a cottage with a pale brown, thatched roof, a little girl in a white, cotton frock, long hair wispy, cooking in earthenware, cream, oil, sleep, good sleep, a magenta pillow case, rich, sweet perfume, blue skies, long summers, cool breezes and wicker patio chairs.

A few table spoons of dried lavender in a pretty gossamer pouch emit a gentle, sweet perfume. Lavender, when inhaled, has a soothing effect on the mind and muscles, reduces headaches, aids sleep and relaxation.

Place wherever you like; in your drawers for freshly scented clothes, in a bowl with ornaments or by a bed to ease you into a blissful sleep.

Note: the perfuming effect is most effective when the pouch is kept in a small, dark place like a drawer.

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