Circular Wall Pockets

Posted on September 17, 2012


wall pocketsWith these wall pockets, the idea is simplicity. Light wood, fine patterns, and the smooth roundness of a perfect circle. Common are rectangular and square frames, angles and corners, sharp and bold, but what of the calming, graceful lines that go round and round and never end? Like the wavering continuity of a little girl’s dress as she twirls.

Strong and durable but soft and complementary materials form pockets to hang by a door, or a study area or even a bed.

I meant these pockets for letters, coupons, shopping lists… with a phone or ipod and some pens and pencils. These wall pockets take light weight and thin items; the material has been tightly wrapped around the wood so it will keep everything safely tucked in.

The first is flowery, the second combines a thin chiffon with a thick burlap. Little flowers are hand stitched on the side to offset the masculinity of the burlap.

Feminine, masculine, soft, rough, round and round the circle goes.

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