Grand Opening: company born

Posted on September 16, 2012


Finally setting the date for the Grand Opening provided me with a goal to work towards. I would fall asleep and my brain would think of all the details and when I awoke, I would know what to do.

Here are some pictures. I tried to capture not only the layout but also the mood. I saw on the Guardian’s S/S 2013 London Fashion Week coverage a 360 panoramic view of a runway show – useless, but for one thing.

Open your mind, you are now in a panorama. You are there at the Warda, standing alone in the middle of the room and you’re turning all the way around with your eyes wide open. The colours are vibrant and the light soft.

Here is what you see:

A seating area and a view of one of the tables with an overhanging ceiling arrangement of handmade twine balls.

Two tables side by side with carefully arranged items, a second ceiling piece with lanterns and strung ornaments, the door of rukn at-taqrub and a far view of the display cabinets.

Detailed view of table 1.

Detailed view of table 2.

You then stroll over to study the cabinet display.

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