Blessed Tree: before & after

Posted on September 16, 2012


My objective in the shop’s design was to come up with something that was aesthetically pleasing and elegant but that was not more impressive than the products themselves. I wanted an old-time class. On the other hand, I had a tight budget with which to work – but as Shaykh Nuh says, that’s when one gets most creative.

In the existing structure of the shop were aspects beyond my control like the tiles and overall lighting.
When designing the cabinets, I kept these things in mind and stayed away from lighter coloured wood in fear of its more homey appearance turning into the merely middle class look of light timber. I chose a dark chocolate wood and glass on three sides with a mirror backing to reflect the display and eliminate shadowy corners, which I was afraid  wooden cabinets would do.
I also chose glass shelving to allow the light to permeate each level with a soft, yellow glow to increase colour saturation. I relied on the spot lights to act as the finishing touch and they did, alhamdulilah.

As for the window on the left, one of the first things I thought of was the colour green. How about plants? Plants surrounding the window? Hanging plants? Brackets? Hanging plants on brackets? A table!

This was the shop before I took the back wall, the space I have now was being used for other shelving and tables:

And this is what it looks like now:

My next goal for the shop design is a striking hand painted sign the width of the two cabinets to sit on top of them, inshallah.

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